What is Passive Spectrum Detection (PSD) Equipment?

What is Passive Spectrum Detection (PSD) Equipment?
Mar 15, 2024

Passive Spectrum Detection (PSD) Equipment is a cutting-edge technology revolutionizing wireless communication and surveillance. Unlike active systems, PSD operates silently, without emitting its own signals, making it ideal for covert monitoring. By analyzing existing radio frequency signals, PSD can detect and identify various wireless devices. This enables discreet surveillance and enhances security measures. Moreover, PSD aids in spectrum management by identifying signal interference and optimizing radio frequency resource allocation. With its ability to passively monitor electromagnetic activity, PSD equipment plays a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and efficiency of wireless networks in diverse environments.

Beijing Kingfull Special Equipment Co., Ltd. is very professional in passive spectrum detection of drones. The following passive spectrum detection (PSD) equipment from Beijing Kingfull Special Equipment Co., Ltd. is selling well with following features:

Wireless passive automatic detection, passive signal reception, without causing interference to the environment.

•Ultra long-distance detection, up to 5km.

•Ultra-wide frequency range (30MHz-6GHz).

•Full dome coverage at 360 ° azimuth and 90 ° elevation angle, real-time monitoring direction of drone, with the directional accuracy of up to 7.5RMS °.

•Advance warning. When the drone starts up, it can detect and identify targets in real time and trigger an alarm in coordination.

•Support the identification of drone electronic fingerprints, precise identification without false alarms.

•Can identify more than 35 drone brands and models simultaneously.

•Can achieve multiple intelligent networking, locate drones and operators.

•Built in NVIDIAXAVIER computer system, with super edge computing capability.

•By learning AI, automatically identify unknown drones outside the aircraft database.

•Equipment working temperature: -40 ℃ -70 ℃, can work in various extreme weather conditions (rainy, foggy, night).

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