Hot product from Kingfull: Dual Light Fusion Hand Held Thermal Imaging

Hot product from Kingfull: Dual Light Fusion Hand Held Thermal Imaging
May 23, 2024

1. Product Introduction

The dual light fusion hand held thermal imaging adopts the fusion of infrared and low light, combining the advantages of both infrared and low light. Infrared lenses can penetrate smoke, fog, and see through grass, and can be used in pure black and dark environments; Low light lenses enable higher imaging resolution, easier target recognition, and compensate for the inability of infrared to observe through glass. At the same time, they also have fusion zoom (picture in picture function), which can magnify individual targets and maintain high clarity.

  • Dual Light Fusion Hand Held Thermal Imaging

2. Application scenarios

This infrared and low light fusion thermal imager is suitable for anti-terrorism, emergency command, security scene, crime scene, suspected personnel covert monitoring, major arrest operations, public security patrols and smuggling control, traffic violation recording, disaster relief, forest fire prevention, maritime search and rescue, fishery law enforcement, marine rights protection and environmental monitoring, oilfield exploration, water conservancy and electricity, more suitable for practical use in fields such as national security, anti-terrorism, anti smuggling, border defense, technical reconnaissance, and wildlife protection.

3. Advantages

Dual lens multispectral technology, with up to six modes available for one click switching.

Fusion zoom, recognizable target features, and clear facial recognition.

Hot spot tracking, marking heat sources with prominent heat sources.

Electronic compass directional positioning.

Infrared dual lens hot search can compensate for the shortcomings of ordinary night vision devices, allowing for the detection of targets to be avoided in shadows at night and minimizing blind spots as much as possible. Infrared dual lens hot search can observe targets through grass and trees.

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