Kingfull Manufacturing: UAV Navigation Deception Device

Kingfull Manufacturing: UAV Navigation Deception Device
Feb 05, 2024

1. Introduction:

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Navigation Deception Device simulates and emits UAV navigation deception signals that are identical to the signals from orbiting navigation satellites. It deceives the UAV by simulating and transmitting signals to manipulate its position, speed, and time. When the simulated navigation signal corresponds to a no-fly zone for the UAV, the UAV automatically triggers the no-fly zone landing mechanism, causing it to land in place. If the simulated navigation signal represents linear or circular motion, it induces the hovering UAV to follow the corresponding trajectory.

Coordinating with real-time UAV position and trajectory information provided by detection devices such as radar, the system dynamically adjusts the deception position coordinates, guiding the UAV to fly and land at specified locations.

The UAV Navigation Deception Device consists of a main unit, power source, and management software platform.

 UAV Navigation Deception Device

2. Features:

1) The device simulates and transmits drone deception traction signals that are completely consistent with the in orbit navigation satellite signals, and performs position deception, speed deception, and time deception on the drone.

2) Equipped with drone forced landing, driving away, directed driving away, and no-fly function.

3) Capable of defending against drone swarms.

4) Users can input the deception location, calculate and transmit corresponding GPS/GLONASS/ Beidou signal functions.

5) The delay of the satellite signal channel can be adjusted to match the deception radius, in order to achieve the optimal deception effect.

6) Equipped with self inspection and status output functions, automatically reporting faults to the command and control system.

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