Portable Drone Detection and Positioning Equipment from Beijing Kingfull Special Equipment Co., Ltd.

Portable Drone Detection and Positioning Equipment from Beijing Kingfull Special Equipment Co., Ltd.
Feb 18, 2024

1. Product Introduction

Portable drone detection and positioning equipment is a portable drone detection equipment in the form of a suitcase, equipped with a drone comprehensive control system. This device can monitor the serial number, model, position (longitude, latitude, azimuth), speed, altitude, altitude, takeoff point, return point, trajectory, remote control position (longitude, latitude, azimuth) and other multidimensional information of drones within the monitoring range through deep analysis and data mining of drone signals.

Portable UAV Detection Equipment

2. Application Scenario

This equipment is suitable for low altitude security in major event security and security tasks, public security patrols, special anti-terrorism, political core areas, border and border defense, military restricted areas, military management areas, power and petrochemical parks, and other scenarios. It can work offline on a single machine, flexibly and quickly deploy, and respond flexibly, meeting the needs of various scenarios. 

3. Features

•All detection models: The system can identify and detect common brands of drones such as DJI, Daotong, Dahua, and Haoxiang, as well as the vast majority of models on the market such as self-made traversing machines and WiFi machines.

•Long detection distance: In open environments, some models can detect distances of over 10km.

•Passive detection: The equipment does not emit any electromagnetic signals, has no electromagnetic environmental pollution, and is environmentally friendly.

•Integrated software and hardware: Equipped with a drone comprehensive control platform, the single machine works independently without the need to configure other devices.

•Mobile portability: Designed in a portable suitcase-style form, small in size, easy to carry around.

•Touch interaction design: Utilizing large screen touch design for simple, convenient and efficient operation.

•Dual power supply design: The device can be powered by a detachable battery or an external power supply, adapting to multiple scenarios.

•Convenient deployment: The device's antenna features a folding design for quick deployment and retraction. It can be turned on and off with just one click, and can be used anytime. 


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