Kingfull Manufacturing: Handheld Drone Detector

Kingfull Manufacturing: Handheld Drone Detector
Jan 23, 2024

Device Application

The handheld UAV control device is designed for use in various situations where it is necessary to prohibit the flight and aerial photography of civilian drones. It is especially useful in emergency scenes, security areas, important event venues, restricted airspace for sensitive facilities, and locations where there is a risk of drones crashing and causing harm.

 Handheld Drone Detector


Key Features

•Small in size and light in weight, making it easy to carry and work with hands.

•Convenient and quick to use, it can start work at any time, and supports two working methods: flight control obstruction "drive away" and flight control+satellite positioning obstruction "forced landing".

•Low interference to WiFi signals, equipment using strong pointing antennas.

•Can block satellite positioning signals.

•The device uses an external rechargeable power supply, with replaceable batteries and strong battery life.

•The body and components are made by high reliability technology and can be used in extreme environment.

 5 Jamming Bands Handheld Drone Detector


Device Components and Principles

The device consists of a handheld main unit and a battery pack. The handheld main unit incorporates a five-frequency transmitter and antenna design, capable of producing interference signals that disrupt both the flight control and satellite positioning channels of UAVs. By blocking the uplink control signals and satellite positioning information, the device renders the UAV unable to maintain normal flight operations. Depending on the drone's design, it can effectively achieve control results, including "dispersion" for redirecting the UAV and "forced landing" for safely landing the UAV.

 Handheld Drone Control Equipment


The handheld UAV control device provides a practical and reliable solution for ensuring security and safety in various scenarios by hampering the flight and control capabilities of civilian drones. With its compact design, easy usability, and robust performance, this device is undoubtedly a vital tool for professionals seeking effective UAV control measures.

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